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When? September 30th - October 2nd, 2019

Beaver Hollow Conference Center, Wyoming County

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Welcome to the website of the
New York State Association of County Directors of Real Property Tax Services  

We are a statewide association committed to promoting assessment transparency and equity throughout New York State.  Our Real Property Tax FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) webpage is designed to educate by providing all interested with answers to questions routinely asked about the Real Property Tax. Please email us with any questions and our Board of Directors will consider adding the question and our answer to our FAQ’s. Questions should be emailed to nysacdrpts@nysacdrpts.org.      

Our Association believes that well educated taxpayers and professionals involved in any aspect of real property taxation is the way to achieve transparency and equity. Members of this association advocate for positive changes to the real property tax system through working with our partners and our lobbying efforts in Albany.  County Directors  work everyday to promote transparency and equity throughout the individual counties we serve. If any County Director can be of assistance, please feel free to contact them directly or if our association can be of assistance, please contact us at nysacdrpts@nysacdrpts.org    

James Kirsch, CCD
President, New York State Association of County Directors of Real Property Tax Services
Director, Wyoming County Department of Real Property Tax Services

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